Friday, April 9, 2010


I've been in a super-kawaii mood lately. Usually my crafts have a slightly creepy or gothy vibe to them, but for the past few weeks everything I've touched has turned adorable. Not Sanrio, but still noticeably cute. So I've been making flower barrettes. Because what is cuter than a girl with cute hair? A girl with cute hair with cute flowers in that cute hair. I am a master of marketing I tell you.

This is the first batch. There are 11 there, with a lot of pink. I got my underling/slave/mater to cut out some circles to get this party started, and she only cut pink. I am not so hot on the pink, but it's a good color to have. From a marketing perspective, it's important to have a variety of color schemes, to appeal to more customers. I wouldn't make that many pink anythings on my own, so it's good to be forced to make so many now. Now (as in, second and third batches) I can make them in colors I actually enjoy.

You'll notice a black, white, and red barrette. It's not the only one. I'm sort of in love with that color scheme. There will probably be a large supply of blackwhitered things. I blame The White Stripes. (wat do you mean gothy? shaddap)

Laters, Caity

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